Pokemon Go > Level 3

Pokémon Go seems to be the big app at the moment and I decided to try it a bit more and ended up catching a couple Pokémon throughout the day and ended up at level 3!

The day started out attempt to capture a Paras which resulted in another freeze of the application. But attempted again and it worked. Then quickly captured a Spearow and ended up getting level 2. A minute later, an Eevee was caught.

Later in the day I captured a Pidgey and earned a medal for my 5th Pokemon registered in the Pokedex. Then got a Drowzee, bringing me to Level 3 and an additional 15 pokeballs. Ended the day with a Zubat, although it took two tries to capture it.


SWGOH > Scoundrels Event T2

Credit Heist: Form a team of scoundrels and escape from the law to keep your stolen loot!

credit heist

The scoundrel event is back, although a little late based on their announcement of being every 6-12 days (it should have been on Friday). The theory is they waited since the Ewok event was going on, along with Yoda. I guess they don’t want three events going at a time.

Tier 1 is a piece of cake with the following team (slightly leveled up during the last scoundrel event) on auto:

  • Leader: Clone Wars Chewbacca, 7*, level 71, gear 8
    • basic: 5, special 1: 7, special 2: 5, leader: 6
  • Cad Bane, 6*, level 72, gear 7
    • basic: 5, special: 5, leader: max, unique: 4
  • Boba Fett, 6*, level 70, gear 8
    • basic: 5, special: 6, leader: 3, unique: 5
  • Greedo, 2*, level 67, gear 7
    • basic: 4, special 1: 3, leader: 3, unique: 3
  • Mob Enforcer, 2*, level 63, gear 7
    • basic: 3, special: 3, unique: 3


However, I can’t successfully beat Tier 2. On two attempts, only three characters lasted until the third round. Tried auto first, then manual. I switched Cad Bane to lead and auto-battle seemed to do a little better with a bit more life left in my three remaining characters, but still failed.


One of my guild members mentioned having a 50/50 chance of completing with the team:

  • Leader: Clone Wars Chewbacca, 4*, level 70, gear 8
    • abilities: 7, 6, 6, 3
  • Cad Bane, 7*, level 70, gear 7
    • abilities: 6, 6, 5, 5
  • Boba Fett, 4*, level 70, gear 7
    • abilities: 5, 6, 3, 3
  • Greedo, 2*, level 70, gear 8
    • abilities: 6, 4, 3, 7
  • Mob Enforcer, 2*, level 65, gear 8
    • abilities: 5, 3, 5

Another guild member completed on auto with:

  • Leader: Cad Bane, 7*, level 80, gear 10
  • Clone Wars Chewbacca, 7*, level 80
  • Greedo, 5*, level 70
  • Dengar, 4*, level 60
  • Mob Enforcer, 3*, level 40

Attempting again after spending about 1.5 million credits:

  • Increase Mob Enforcer to gear 8+ and level 70
  • Increase Greedo to level 70

Two attempts and still failed.

Then increased Mob Enforcer and Greedo abilities to be at least 5. Tried again on auto and barely won with Boba Fett left standing (after auto-reviving)!


Next attempt (auto) also resulted in a victory with Chewie and Cad Bane remaining.

Note: Collection Score on swgoh.gg went from 44.26 to 44.39

SWGOH > First Tier 7 Raid

Since joining my new guild just a few days ago, we have already completed a tier 7 raid. There was some concern after the split that we would not be able to complete as there were a bunch of newbies (myself included). But we managed to get the rancor down to phase 4 with everyone attacking it once, and after 24 hours (to allow everyone to attack), it opened to a free-for-all and victory was shortly achieved.

I was not able to jump in when the raid initially opened and had to wait about an hour. By the time I started, we were already at phase 3 and I went in with the best team I had (which was not too great).

I easily managed to get the door down and do some damage to the Rancor.


However, once the Rancor got up, it smashed and Do0ku immediately died. I was not expecting that much power! I got in a few more hits before I was defeated, ending up with only 87,134 damage inflicted. At the moment, I was ranked #31 in the guild for damage, which would not last once everyone took a turn.


Once the free-for-all started, I entered with what little characters I had remaining for two attacks. The first dealt 16,084 damage and with my final team only one member survived the Rancor’s initial onslaught and squeaked out 3,771 damage. Overall, I ended up with 106,989 damage and ranked #42.

The rewards were decent with better gear than I have previously gotten in T5 or T6, but a little less credits and guild coins. But I did get my first Han shard!


Pokemon Go > Starting an Adventure


Downloaded Pokémon Go since I figured many people would be playing at a gamer BBQ I was attending and figured it might be good to have in case there was trading or some other social aspect to the game (however there is not as much as I was hoping).


Launched the app and signed up and created my character. I wished there were a little more options for clothing, but perhaps more will be unlocked?

Saw something about using the camera and catching a pokemon but upon attempting it crashed. I needed to head out so I figured I would try again once I got to the BBQ.


Once I got to the BBQ, a few people were playing and talking about it. I fired up the app again, and tried to capture a squirtle, and succeeded after a few attempting at throwing a pokeball. And then the app froze!


Wanting to be a bit more social, and a little frustrated, I gave up for the time being. But a little while later I spotted a bunch of people all fixated on their phones playing and finally grabbed my first pokemon; bulbasaur.


The adventure has started!