SWGOH > Qui-Gon Jinn Level 80

After getting updating Rey, I figured I would level Qui-Gon Jinn to level 80 as well to use up the credits necessary so I don’t have to keep track of what is necessary when ready to fully power up. This is my second level 80.


SWGOH > Rey Activated!

Initially I was obtaining shards for Rey from hard light-side and dark-side battles. I noticed some shards appearing in the guild store, but decided to focus on Gamorrean Guard. A few weeks ago, I decided to grab Rey shards as well from the guild store since the drop rate was not that great from hard battles and it was taking forever.

I also figured there would not be much of a point unlocking her until I could promote to 6* since any lower level would not be viable for raiding. Today I finally got enough shards to unlock and promote to 6*! It is a good thing I saved up gear, credits, and materials since this cost a bit:



Upon activating, I was presented with the option to power her up a bit for $16. But of course, this seems like a horrible deal for what you get and I’ll just stay free-to-play:


Initial Rey has a whopping power of 272 at 4*, level 1, gear 1!


Raising to 5* only increases power by 6:


And power increases another 4 when promoting to 6*:


Raising from level 1 to 80 ended up costing a staggering 4,636,584 credits! This is a little cheaper than just hitting the “Assign All” button (but I don’t remember exactly how much… I’ll try to capture that in the future).


This also raised her power by over 3,000:


Using what I had, was able to get her to gear 6, which increased her power another 1,000:


Used the energy I still had to get what material was needed to raise the gear level and ended up at gear 7 (close-ish to 8):


Last, maxed out all her abilities:


At the end, left with just over 5.5 million credits. Total cost of all this was about 6 million credits plus lots of materials, but I now have Rey! Now to continue until I can get her maxed at 7* and highest possible gear.

SWGOH > Banner > Omega weekend returns

Banner for Omega event.

Apparently people complained about the Force Champion Kit Fisto event, so it was canceled and the Omega weekend event is taking its place. I attempted to look on the forum for these complaints, but I did not really see any. The guess on the forum is that after a day they were not seeing people spend as much money on the event as previously.

I am a little disappointed by this change since I sort of liked the force champion events. Since I am already at level 80, I have been getting omega materials every day and I would rather have a couple extra character shards instead of another omega. Oh well.