SWGOH > Guild Switch

Finished switching from my original guild to the free-to-play Inglorious Blasters.

For the past couple weeks I have continuously been ranking at the top of the guild’s daily activities. Rank #1 10 times, #2 twice, and #3 three times during the previous 17 days. And I was noticing the amount of coins I was getting were rather low, some times 148 for a #1 rank. My placement in raids has also gone up. While both good, it means some of the better members have left. As only around 15 people seemed to be contributing (out of 50), it seemed like it would be best to be in a more active guild.

I figured I would switch guilds in a few weeks once I got my roster a bit farther along with Rey and QGJ at 7* and better geared. Being a little bored Tuesday evening, I decided to look in the forum and saw Inglorious Blasters were recruiting and figured it would be a good time to switch.

At the time, they were working on expanding from 50 members to 100 and split the guild in two; America and Europe. The split would allow members to better focus and play during their day without having worry about missing a raid starting in the middle of the night.

Inglorious Blasters caught my eye, not because they are ranked 12th, but because they are free-to-play and focused on Tier 7 raids. I figured it would help to be with other F2Pers and get some helpful advise.

I joined their chat in Discord and since have been actively following along. Since they were able to recruit members quickly, they started the process of splitting a few days early and I recently got an invite.

I am excited to be with similar players in this guild and we will see how I fair in Tier 7 raids.

inglorious blasters


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