Pokemon Go > Starting an Adventure


Downloaded Pokémon Go since I figured many people would be playing at a gamer BBQ I was attending and figured it might be good to have in case there was trading or some other social aspect to the game (however there is not as much as I was hoping).


Launched the app and signed up and created my character. I wished there were a little more options for clothing, but perhaps more will be unlocked?

Saw something about using the camera and catching a pokemon but upon attempting it crashed. I needed to head out so I figured I would try again once I got to the BBQ.


Once I got to the BBQ, a few people were playing and talking about it. I fired up the app again, and tried to capture a squirtle, and succeeded after a few attempting at throwing a pokeball. And then the app froze!


Wanting to be a bit more social, and a little frustrated, I gave up for the time being. But a little while later I spotted a bunch of people all fixated on their phones playing and finally grabbed my first pokemon; bulbasaur.


The adventure has started!



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