SWGOH > First Tier 7 Raid

Since joining my new guild just a few days ago, we have already completed a tier 7 raid. There was some concern after the split that we would not be able to complete as there were a bunch of newbies (myself included). But we managed to get the rancor down to phase 4 with everyone attacking it once, and after 24 hours (to allow everyone to attack), it opened to a free-for-all and victory was shortly achieved.

I was not able to jump in when the raid initially opened and had to wait about an hour. By the time I started, we were already at phase 3 and I went in with the best team I had (which was not too great).

I easily managed to get the door down and do some damage to the Rancor.


However, once the Rancor got up, it smashed and Do0ku immediately died. I was not expecting that much power! I got in a few more hits before I was defeated, ending up with only 87,134 damage inflicted. At the moment, I was ranked #31 in the guild for damage, which would not last once everyone took a turn.


Once the free-for-all started, I entered with what little characters I had remaining for two attacks. The first dealt 16,084 damage and with my final team only one member survived the Rancor’s initial onslaught and squeaked out 3,771 damage. Overall, I ended up with 106,989 damage and ranked #42.

The rewards were decent with better gear than I have previously gotten in T5 or T6, but a little less credits and guild coins. But I did get my first Han shard!



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