SWGOH > Yoda 6*

Noticing that the Yoda event started, I took and saw I had 4/5 of the required characters for 6*. This was a little surprising since I thought I only had three at 6* or higher, but then saw that my forth was due to recently leveling QGJ.

Taking a look at my roster, and noticed I had enough shards to level JC to 6*, so took the plunge! Starting at 4956 power, promoting him raised him to 5396:


Seeing as how 5* was doable, but a challenge, I figured 6* would also present a good challenge. However, it was very simple and a bit of a disappointment.



I have not yet promoted Yoda since I’m focusing on Rey and QGJ first. Yoda may wait until I can get him to 7* to help with T7 raids, unless I end up needing to give him a boost to help with GW.


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